Domestic Metalwork

If you haven't guessed already, here at NE Metalworks our custom metal fabrication service is not just restricted to other businesses.

Some of our most interesting metal work projects have been done for domestic customers who simply want a metal fabricated product to make their lives easier. We specialise in designing metal products to improve disability access.

Below is a small list of some of the bespoke pieces we have created.

Metal artist sculptures  |  Metal kitchen fascias and handles  |  Garden gates  |  Metal balconies  |  Metal garden features and furniture  |  Disability scooter amendments  |  Disabled golf buggies  |  Mobility ramps  |  Custom car parts



Domestic metal work used to be a common characteristic of many styles of home, in the form of gates, railings, internal and external staircases, furniture, kitchen fittings, and more.  These days, however, any metal details installed on modern houses are likely to be mass produced articles, which are optimised for marketability rather than attractiveness or usefulness.

We find this situation to be unacceptable on two counts.  For one thing, there are so many different house designs, which can be implemented in so many different types of location, that a one-size-fits-all approach to domestic metalwork simply wont do.  Secondly, making a house a home involves personalising your property in order for it to reflect your individuality.  It’s hard to do that using off-the-shelf domestic metalwork items.

At NE Metalworks, we specialize in bespoke domestic metal fabrication.  From decorative door knockers and garden sculptures, to useful stair rails and balconies, we can work with you to create domestic metal work products which will not only improve your living experience at home, but also reflect the individual style of you and your property.  Every piece is guaranteed to fit perfectly, as it was designed specifically for your home.

Our domestic metal fabrication products can be large and practical, such as disabled access ramps, or small and ornate, like the bespoke matching kitchen unit handles we have created.  See our gallery page for more domestic metalwork ideas which will fire your imagination.  There are so many home fixtures and fittings, large and small, which can be created from metal as an alternative material, and every time you buy a domestic metal work item from NE Metalworks, you make your home a little bit more your own.

To find out more about our projects or to commission your own domestic metalwork Bicester householders can get in touch with our team today.