Oxford is simultaneously one of the most traditional and most modern cities in the UK.  From its heritage as one of the World's great seats of learning, to its modern cycling friendly infrastructure,  Oxford is a city others look to as an example, both in bearing the past with dignity and facing the future with anticipation.

Oxford is of particular interest to anyone with an interest in architecture, buildings technology, or related fields.  The city is home to buildings constructed in every English architectural style since 1040.  For a company like us here at NE Metalworks Oxford represents a rare opportunity to catalogue the history of our craft as it has progressed through the ages.

We are a company offering a wide range of metal products produced using various modern and traditional techniques, and specialising in the kind of one-off and bespoke items it's hard to come by anywhere else.  From architectural ornamentation such as wrought iron archways, to practical items like bicycle racks, we are the experts in metal fabrication Oxford locals turn to for high quality workmanship every time.  From homes to university buildings and business premises to street furniture, there are so many locations in Oxford which have benefitted from our touch.

The commercial metalwork Oxford shops and offices order from us is often functional in nature.  Indeed, the commercial metal fabrication Oxford businesses require promote the city as a vibrant and cosmopolitan hive of activity.  On the other hand, the domestic metal fabrication Oxford householders enquire about is often traditional in nature, reflecting the history of the area.  Certainly, with a wealth of ornate domestic metalwork Oxford presents itself as a bastion of British heritage, as it surely is.

Besides structural and architectural items, we have also produced furniture, automotive components, and much more.  Contact us to learn more about our company.