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Welcome to NE Metalworks

Welcome to NE Metalworks.  We are a Metal Fabrication company specialising in bespoke work and one off items.  Our goal as a company is to be your first-call fabricator for any functional, structural or decorative metalwork.

Materials technology is a fascinating science, and has presented craftspeople and engineers with many new options when it comes to creating new products.  But since the days when officials in the town of Bicester spoke Latin, metal items made from iron, brass, tin, steel or aluminium have been part of daily life.  What makes metal such an effective material for so many different purposes?

Metal Is Strong

Some items must be made to be strong in many ways – in compression, in tension, and in torsion too.  Metal holds its shape well under pressure, making it useful for commercial applications such as protective panels on racing cars.

Metal Is Durable

The door to the room you are sat in may be made from wood or plastic, but in all likelihood the hinges are made of metal.  For working parts which must be relied upon to function time and time again, metal can stand the test of time.  This qualities means metal products can benefit vulnerable members of our society - take a look at the pictures of domestic access ramps we have made for disabled customers.

Metal Is Available

Metals can be recycled, and will therefore always be available to use at a reasonable price.

Metal Is Workable

Some products are manufactured in hugely expensive production plants, or under laboratory conditions.  But with a few relatively simple tools, highly skilled craftspeople like our team here at NE Metalworks Bicester can take their raw materials and create all manner of useful and decorative items.

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At N. E. Metalworks, we take pride in providing our client's with high standards of workmanship along with using top quality products.

We specialise in handling all aspects of metal fabrication work - all at competitive prices. To discuss your requirements in detail, speak to a member of our team today.

We also offer a full warranty on all the bespoke metal fabrications. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers to make their end product perfect.

Thank you for looking visiting our website. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and discuss your project and requirements with us.

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